Read the previous blog post about BIC's Listening Season.

A little about One-to-One Conversations

Simply put, a One-to-One is a meeting between two people who are interested in getting to know one another. Half of the conversation is spent asking questions and listening to the other person, then the focus shifts and you share about your story.

It is Common

because it is a conversation that takes place out of our own curiosity about one another’s stories,

It is Unique

because it has an objective that is bigger than ourselves and requires active listening.

It is Not:

A date or an expectation that a friendship will result. Friendships may develop naturally, but the initial conversation is two brothers and sisters in Christ that are interested in strengthening BIC’s identity and clarity about where God is calling us.

Helpful Printables:

This is a PDF of the conversation starters that are (also) included below.

Use this sheet after a One-to-One to write down the main ideas that came out of the conversation.

What is the goal?

These conversations are an opportunity to get to know each other beyond surface level conversation, to slow down and listen actively to one another’s stories.

Some Questions to Get You Started

  • How did you end up at BIC? What keeps drawing you back to this community?
  • Have you always been a part of a church community?
  • What was it like to grow up where you are from?
  • What breaks your heart when you see it out in the world? In your home? At BIC?
  • What is most of your time spent doing? Does it drain you, or feed/motivate you?
  • How did you end up doing the work that you currently do? What other jobs and hobbies have you had?
  • What is the most frequent stressor in your life right now? How does that influence you?
  • Where/when do you laugh the most?
  • What activities, people, or places allow you to feel free and relaxed?
  • How would you describe your relationship with God?
  • Where do you hear and feel God? What feeds your faith?
  • Where do you feel or see yourself called by God?

These questions are a place to start, not a requirement

Stories share much more than specific answers to questions, so start here, have fun, and let the conversation go where it leads. Ask for clarification in questions like Why? How? What was that like?, etc.


Our community is made up of wonderful, diverse, interesting, warm, loving people. This is hopefully an opportunity to enrich BIC and our individual lives.