This book was made by Intern Pastor Emily Stelling February 2018. It was given for personal study to the Fourth-Year scholars at The Evangelical Lyceum, and is available after Sunday services and in digital format in this post.

Lent is a 40-day season in the church’s liturgical calendar that leads up to Holy Week—a week that follows Jesus Christ into the city of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday; observes him washing the disciple’s feet and instituting the new covenant in his Last Supper (this is known as Maundy Thursday); worships Christ as he is tortured, crucified and buried on Good Friday; and witnesses the Son of God rising victorious on the Third Day launching an even longer period of 50 days to celebrate Easter! Starting with the solemn service on Ash Wednesday, we privately, and yet publically in the company of the saints, repent. Repentance is a change of heart. It is about reflecting on your relationship with God and recognizing your desperate need of God’s grace and mercy. But it is not all doom and gloom for repentance is a joyful response to the grace of God! We continue to come together more often than usual (Sundays and Wednesdays, formally) to worship, pray, study, and meditate on those things that distance ourselves from God.

There are many Lenten devotionals available online or in book stores but this particular Lenten devotional is designed to give a general mediation as well as gentle guidance over the course of each week in Lent as compared to every day in Lent. Having a daily subscription to something may seem daunting and unrealistic. Hopefully, this will give you more grace to reflect over the course of a week or perhaps just one hour that week. Your devotion to God is yours and yours alone. So, make use of this devotional how you will! But the hope is that something in these pages will spur you to see and assess your relationship with God.

The booklet is available for download here