Pastoral Internship

Every pastoral candidate within the ELCA completes an internship year to gain real-world experience before they graduate with a Master of Divinity degree and are called to serve a congregation. Internship is a formative year in any context — but the church has unique opportunities when these pastors-in-training come abroad.

Inviting interns to learn with BIC is an important ministry that supports the broader church and seeks to nurture future leaders in a unique way. It also provides opportunities for the congregation to experience different leadership styles, to be adaptive, and to foster a creative worship space.

Cross-cultural experiences deepen our sense of how God works in the world, they broaden our understanding of ways to worship and “do Church,” and they teach us more about who the Holy Spirit connects us with as the Body of Christ.

To learn more about this ELCA internship opportunity through the Horizon Internship Program, start by looking over the candidacy process.

If you are already a seminary student, inquire with your Contextual Education Office to learn more about how to apply.

Incredible Learning Opportunity

Our interns learn what it means to lead and support a faith community that is multi-cultural, multi-lingual, international, inter-generational, ever-changing, and made up of members from many different faith backgrounds. In short: our interns learn about the reality of the diversity within the Body of Christ.


Interns at BIC can expect to participate in:

  • Preaching monthly at the Bratislava International Church

  • Providing pastoral care within the BIC community

  • Teaching Religion at the Evanjelické Lýceum (Lutheran high school)

  • Preaching periodically at the weekly chapel service of Evanjelické Lýceum

  • Facilitating Bible Study

  • Executing an internship project

  • Educational travel


An Internship at BIC is an opportunity to share your gifts for ministry and be creative—the congregation is supportive and welcomes trying NEW ways of coming together and ministering in the community.