Saturday February 18th from 15:00-18:00

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Each month BIC joins a group of volunteers called Let's Play at a refugee camp in Vienna. We play games with the children, get to know the families living at the camp, and donate needed items. This ministry is a wonderful opportunity to welcome and show love to our displaced neighbors as they adjust to a new home. 

"Going month after month, we've really started to develop relationships with these families. It's been eye-opening to see their actual living situation and humbling that they let us into their lives in the midst of such huge changes. We've learned their stories now and have faces and names to put to the refugee crisis instead of just numbers you hear on the news." — Max Buchholz (volunteer)

When and Where

We will meet at the Vienna main train station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) at 14:30. Please gather outside the pink Manner candy store on the ground floor. We will then take public transportation together to the Siemensstrasse camp. Once we are at the camp we will do activities with the children from 3:30-6:00pm (15:30-18:00).

Transportation from Bratislava to Wien Hauptbahnhof


  1. Slovak Lines Bus for 5 EUR. Double check that it ends up at the Wien HBF Wiedner Gurtel.
  2. Train
  3. Car - if you plan to drive, please inform Clair (



Please contact Claire Sturm ( with any questions and/or if you need to meet at the camp rather than the main station.