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  • Slovakia

It is a GIFT that we have Roman Catholics, Russian and Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Baptist, Anglican, non-denominational and those questioning their faith gather together to worship and praise God! That is why intern Emily has decided to focus her project on Ecumenical dialogue. I want to ask:

-What brings people to BIC? 
-What difference does it make that BIC is supported by an American Lutheran churchand that its liturgy is Lutheran? Do people even notice that it is Lutheran? 

-What can a new Lutheran pastor take away from this experience? 

As part of my ecumenical exploration, I encourage YOU to join in reading Luther vs. Pope Leo: A Conversation in Purgatory by Paul Hinlicky. We will have two discussion meetings on this topic (the first is this Sunday!) If you wish to order the book please email Emily at intern@bratislavainternationalchurch.org